Friday, 27 March 2009

Jordan's YH is certainly rustic, very 1930's wooden hut, but perfectly functional.
55 miles today 80% off road which included growing through London. Grand Union Canal for 20 miles all the way to the Thames. The bike barriers aren't wide enough for panniers so it is a bit precarious to lift it over without the bike toppling in.
Safely across the Thames at Kew and down the towpath to the end of the Boat Race at Mortlake, negotiated some real roads to get to Richmond Park and felt chuffed I passed 2 city cyclists.. No Wombles or Wimbledon Common but plenty of rain - didn't last long.
The River Wandle meanders through the rural idylls that are Mordern and Carshalton Ponds. Good place for lunch on a bench. More proper roads in Purley and a proper hill - London is SO flat.
Plenty of Bridleways to get to Keston - one puncture and got to my folks for tea and a bath. . .