Thursday, 14 May 2009

Final Blog Entry - The Orkneys

Well I think I will make this my last Blog entry for my Don't Stop 'till Orkney trip. Had a blissful nights sleep in the Stromness Hotel, with a breakfast of freshly killed Hagis and egg.

My ferry was not until 11am so I had the chance to explore the Stromness Museum. Orcadians are very well travelled, one Dr Rae had donated the violin he'd taken to explore the Arctic! Also found the best bakery in Britain and came away with Orkney crab rolls for the long journey to Inverness.

At the Ferry a caravan had got stuck inside the ship with a broke axle. Chated with Malcolm (?) the security guard.

Ferry eventually left 20 mins late, not good for a 30 minute connection in Thurso.

Passing out of Scapa Flow we skirted the 1000 ft cliffs on Hoy and the sandstone stack of the Old Man of Hoy came into view. Enjoyed crab rolls!

On arrival at Scrabster I was first off, I'd set a route on the GPS which was 2.6 miles to get to Thurso Station - 20 mins, was it enough against the headwind? Within a mile the taxis moving the other passengers to the train had gone passed. With a lot of hard pedalling and trusting the GPS I arrived on the platform at the same time as the train.

Dozed and grazed to Inverness passing Carbisdale Castle and Dingwall which I had cycled through. Inverness was basking in late afternoon sunshine so I booked my luggage into Left Luggage and found a bar by the River Ness to chill out in.

Sleeper home is very comfortable with a club car set up like a small cafe serving whisky and cheese. Chatted to Gillian, a geologist who confirmed the rocks I found in Devon were the same as those on Hoy, 900 miles apart.

Don't want to get too philosophical about my little cycle, it has been a pleasure pedalling and a privilage being a conduit for so many people to donate to 2 worthy causes. If you have been one of the 50+ who have enjoyed following my progress then I am delighted, if you have not already donated then I invite you to click on the Just Giving link.

For everyone who has added comments - many thanks, your support was a real morale booster. For everyone who donated thank you so much, you are the real heros.

Off for a quiet couple of weeks.



  1. Well Done it has been a joy to read your blog it has been inspiring. Keith

  2. Massive congrats... looks beautiful right up there. Almost makes me want to follow in your bike tracks! Pete Moore et al.

  3. John O'Groats to Land's end next year?
    Congratulations Richard - a tremendous achievement!
    Mike, Sue and Natasha.

  4. Inspiring! Well done!

  5. Well done Richard.We met on the road before/on Arran.I finished up at John O'Groats on May 9th,followed by a wonderful,sunny week on Skye with my wife and then the West Highland Way (on my own) before returning to Wales.

    1097 miles over 18 days with only 2.5 (equivalent) on rain........but then there was the strong NW wind ofcourse !


  6. Truly inspiring. I've got to get off my rear and DO more.
    PS My bro is Satmap MD and I'm delighted to see the A10 performed so well. Great PR!