Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Wednesday, Mull to Fort William via Ardnamurchan Point

It rained again today, all day, very heavilly. Am I disheartened? No, but VERY WET.

At 5 a.m. I woke up and decided that I could profitably use the two hours until the ferry went sorting out my panniers and tumble drying my shoes - dry feet in the morning are SO under-rated!It was a truly beautiful morning in Tobermoray, the calm harbour and painted house fronts way idylic. If I knew any of the Balamoray characters I'd make some smug comment about seeing them out on an early morning power walk or performing Tai-Chi on the harbour wall.

As the ferry crossed the Sound of Mull (available in all good record shops) I saw another ferry heading for the outer islands.

Donald skillfully piloted my exclusive mini-cruise ship to Kilochan where a collection of secondary school pupils were waiting to travel to Tobermoray..
On reaching the mainland again I turned left heading for Ardnamurchan Point - Britains most westerly mainland point. The highly recommended tea-room was closed (it was only 9 a.m.) and as it was just starting to rain as I headed out. Got some photos of the lighthouse just to prove I got there.

The single track road heading east skirting the rim of this ancient volcano would have been idylic had it not have rained. It was slow, tedious and laborious, lots more hills. The 2 tearooms en route were well placed and I relished the chance to dry out and put on dry clothes. I gave camera shy Morag in Strontian my Athol Brose (sp?) recipie (oats, whipped cream, honey and whisky) and she added another £5 to the total.The 58 miles to the short ferry crossing a Corran took forever I eventally caught the 5.30 p.m. some 90 minutes later than I'd planned.(It was all those tea stops!). If yesterday's rain was like standing in a shower this was a fire hose, I've never cycled all day in those conditions. Water was pouring off every rock and across every road.

Arrived at Glen Nevis SYHA at 6:30. Not before I rang out my gloves several times.I peformed my 'guy in the laundrette act' by depositing everything I was wearing in the washing machine, had a shower, cooked half a bag of pasta and a tin of salmon and a couple of beers. Would you credit it - the sun's come out! Quick picie of the river (with another in the morning to show how much it has dropped).
Off to bed.

Bye richard

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  1. My comment yesterday that you deleted was commenting on the forecast of snow for Scotland....hmmmm. Did it arrive? I feel for you in that rain, but the scenery does look amazing. Keep going. Adele, Pete and boys.