Friday, 8 May 2009

Sight seeing in Inverness

The Inverness Youth Hostel is very plush, I cycled around the town (or is it a city?) taking in the multitude of sites.

Of great interest was the organic Haggis farm where the farmer not only breeds his own hagii but also takes in hagii from people who see them for sale on holiday but then can't keep them. A couple of neglected haggi had just arrived when I visited, the keeper was hand feeding one with mashed 'neeps and tatties' whilst all the second haggis could keep down was a shot of single malt with milk in a feeding bottle. It slowly sipped on the reviving liquor and started to move around its cage.

I resisted the temptation to visit the Nessie Nursery, where they have been running a low-profile breeding programme to ensure that there are grainy photos of sea-creatures for years to come! However I got an interesting image on my GPS tracker.

I must confess that the whisky distillery was excellent and gave me a real insight into Highland life.

Right knee and shin still aching - more iburrofen.

Thanks for all the comments so far, they are a real morale booster, sorry I have not replied to everyone. Fantastic news that we've hit the £2,000 mark - many thanks to everyone.

Earlyish night as I have to cover 67 miles tomorrow.

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  1. Hi Richard, just to let you know we have not forgotten you in Norton Grange. Hope the weather improves as you get further north. Keep it up.
    Mike L