Saturday, 2 May 2009

I should have visited the Salt Museum...

Started off with the freshest of scrambled eggs, they were still warm from the chickens - truly delicious. Peter and Julie are wonderful hosts, and their dogs are great.I set off in glorious sunshine but on my left was an onimous band of dark cloud which was converging with me.

I resisted the temptation to visit the world famous Cheshire Salt Museum in one off the multitude off towns beginning with a 'W' and ending 'ford' or 'wich'.

Cycles are exempt the 12p toll to cross the Manchester Ship Canal, but it did give me my only view of the city.Rex and his owner Helen came to say hello above Blackburn - Rex thought I was a horse! Neil, another wet cyclist, kept pace with me for a few miles as we climbed out of Bolton (I think). It was all a bit of a grind today- hard work - dull towns in the rain.Today was always going to be a 'working' day where I had to get the miles in rather than enjoying the scenery. I pedalled over the M65, a road I designed back in the 1980's- pleased to see it eventually finished. Blackburn was as I remember it - only more tatty.

In the words of The Beatles 'I heard the news today, Oh boy, 10,000 holes in Blackburn Lancashire'.Slight route planning error when I ended up above the road I wanted - it was not an junction! Found a track that got me back onto the road. Oops. Should have planned that better.By now it was 6p.m. and the rain had stopped, as I climbed the 1,000 ft into the 'Trough of Bowland' the sun shone - but the hills were still very long and steep. Finally reached Slaidburn Hostel with the next door pub to quench my thist! Definitely in the 'north' now'!

Time for bed.Stats 79.9 miles, c;imbed 5343 ft, max speed 36.3 mph avg speed 11.2 mph, duration 7:09

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