Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Will I get to John o'Groats?

A completely blissful night's sleep with the most spectacular view over the Kyle of Tongue when the alarm went off at 6:30. Not a cloud in the sky when I left Hanna at the YH and started pedalling at 8am, but cold.

I knew that there were plenty of hills on the way to John o'Groats, but after the forth 400 ft climb (1.5 Edgehills) the novelty wore off. The surf at Bettyhill was up and I saw at least 3 wetsuited dudes heading into the water.

All morning the hills were reducing in height whilst the wind was building. The wind was more debillitating than the hills, at least with the hills there was a summit, but the wind was always there. I reckon it knocks a gear of my cycling, possibly two.
Brought a delicious chicken pie in Reay, resisted temptation to visit nuclear plant at Dounreay!
MORE HILLS AND MORE HEADWIND, did get first proper view of the Orkneys.

Thurso's Co-Op provided last chance to stock up before heading further east.

Dunnet Head (Britain's most northerly point) was bathed in afternoon sunshine. Felt exceedingly satisfied to have cycled south to north of Britain. Managed to get a photo taken at Dunnet Head by Eileen and Isobell but decided that JOG was too ambitious today.

MORE HILLS AND MORE HEADWIND-not fun. Stopped at JOG YH tonight sharing dorm with Ron- walking LE-JOG in stages. Got formal certificate to confirm I had achiven LE-JOG from YHA warden.Stats 69.2 miles, climbed 5016 ft, average speed 8.4mph, cycling time 8:14 - long day. Max speed 32.3 mph- WEE.

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