Tuesday, 5 May 2009

It rained a bit today, but did I catch the Mull ferry?

Whats the story, Tobermoray
Vicky's breakfast filled a breakfast sized gap and in no time I was on the ferry looking back on a VERY wet Arran.

In fact the mainland wasn't much drier - like being in a shower the whole day. I had 60 miles to cover to get the 4p.m. ferry from Oban. It was always the trip's weak link, miss the ferry and I'd miss Ardmurchan Point and have ti return all that sponsorship! On a good day it would have been ambitious, but today in the sapping rain it was highky unlikey. Fortunately the howling NW wind was a more steady and had veered SW so as I headed vaguely N it pushed me on a bit. I waved at Gareth and his Google Street View car, perhaps I'll be imortalised on the web.

I measured each hill as a multiple of Edge Hill (100m climb), the rain continued to fall. Passed the Crinnan Canal and climbed 3 Edge Hills to reach the summit of today's trip. Three changes of wet clothes later I made a last stop in a layby 21 miles to go. Rachel and Robbie in their camper van took pity on me and plied me with hot coffee - bliss.

made it into Oban in time for my ferry, I was soaked through and sat and drank my tea and Twix whilst slowly warming up. Only 20 miles on Mull to get to Tobermoray, but into the wind it was exceptionally tough. Not helped by the shop keeper in Salen saying that the last 10 miles to Tobermoray was the toughest, she was right, but as I entered the town the sun came out. Made a huge pile of pasta and put my clothes and shoes in the tumble drier - best £4 spend of the day. Met Rob and Lynne were at the Youth Hostel.

7.20 ferry in the morning and I'm in a room with 3 snorring Frenchman - must remember to get up quietly and collect all my stuff from drying room. Knee and shin both aching will have to get some more ibuprofen in Fort William.Off to bed.

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  1. RoyTomkinson said...
    Tobermory, yes, I know the place well, and for you, "as I entered the town sun came out," what could have been better? Good on you. And certainly you would have overlooked the harbour. What a sight!
    I've gone from that harbour many times to dive in the Sound of Mull.
    I hope you had time to go to Duart Castle, it looks really strong, quite a sight against the landscape and stands out overlooking the water. Keep up the cycling.
    Oh yes, I'll telling everyone, just had a novel published in America, hardcover, about a diving trip up from Wales to Tobermory.
    Here we go, and they find a Galleon, Florencia, and so the story goes on, Americans love the story.
    Getting loads of email from the states, will pass your web page to them so they can look at your progress, if that is OK with you. They go mad for Scotland over there.
    Corresponding with a Lady who has been To Tobermory, her photos of Tobermory are stunning. Carmen Sewell is her name, and she's on the web, check her out if you got a moment (sic) and you have the energy after cycling all day.
    Anyway, good luck, my book is "The Tour," ISBN: 978-1-60693-682-5 and it's just out in this country and America.

    07 May, 2009 09:45
    RoyTomkinson said...
    When on Orkney, if you have time visit the Highland Park distillery, and try a wee dram after you finish travelling for the day.
    Look up my article on my blog site, "a lttle bit of Whiskey."
    It's about Orkney, and Highland Park Whiskey, follow the link on the blog and there are a few stunning photos of Orkney.
    Anyway, have a good ride.
    The best to you,

    12 May, 2009 09:56