Friday, 24 April 2009

50% of End-2-End done (dream on)

Left The Lizard, passing through Helston - resisted ANY temptation to sing the Floral Dance. St Micheal's Mount at low tide was my first photo opportunity.

Hoped to buy a fresh crab for lunch in Mousehole (real place) but there were no fish shops -or any shops there. Land's End was as tacky and commercial as I remember it, I resisted the temptation of paying £9.50 for a photo of me by the 'official' sign but snapped a few and will photo-shop me in! There is an official End-to-End book which I signed before passing the official Start, although the cliff path was the 'real' start.

Not only did I complete 50% of the End-2-End waypoints today but also 50% of the Cape-to-Cape points. I stared out to sea from Cape Cornwall (you can see Lana's artwork on my Hi-vis vest) - and saw the looming blackness of the approaching front.

As soon as I'd reached the YH it started to rain, hope it goes through whilst I sleep. The Highland cattle could have been in John O'Groats - but weren't.

At the YH were two wonderful grandmother sisters from Oxfordshire who were walking from Minehead to Poole (via Land's End) and another mad End-2-Ender who was being very civilised and taking 6 weeks - bliss!

Stats for today 48 miles , with about 4200 feet of assents.

Still raining - off to bed..

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  1. Hi Richard, interesting reading, Im doing the Jogle the end of June so will be reading your blog with interest, I live in Falmouth and work on the Lizard so know all the roads thus far.
    Hope the weather gets better than its been here today. Good luck and happy cycling Dale.