Saturday, 25 April 2009

The wind is definitely a Westerly - you can see by the way the rain falls!

It rained last night, it rained hard, it rained so hard it came through the roof of the Youth Hostel and onto the bunk above mine. It also got into the fire alarm - which went off - twice 12 and 3 a.m. NOT impressed! Anyway by 7 the worst of the storm had passed Land's End by 9 am and I set off resplendant in my waterproofs.

As I pedalled along the road to Zennor it was literally awash with stones, rocks, mud, tarmac - but too wet and cold for a photo. Came across the whole of Cornwall's emergency services (Fire, Police, Ambulance and Coastguard - 22 vehicles) where a car had been washed off the road with tragic results.

I had decided to have a ham roll in Hayle, but could not resist the 'World Famous Pasty Shop' and the pasty was the best I've tasted.

Cycling to Portreath I played 'catch-up' with a father and son going End-to-End, eventually caught them at Porthreath when I paused for another picie.

Up the old tramway to Scorrier and lunched at an old mine - very windy. The route to Treyarnon included what Cornwall is famous for - steep, long hills. The only plus point was that the wind was definitely assisting me. The last 2 miles into Treyarnon was into the wind - I'm pleased I'm doing LEJOG not JOGLE (think about it).

As the YH had a drying room I shared my shower with some wet sweaty cycling clothes, hope they dry by the morning!

After a very passable bacon and pasta concoction (all my own work) I ventured out for the obligitory beach photo and retired to a very pleasant YH bar to write this Blog. Hope the roof does not leak tonight.

Knee update - still on the Ibubrufen and it is holding up.

Vital stats 63.4 miles 5813 feet climbed max speed 29.5 mph (scary) and I pedalled for 5:06 hours.


  1. Andrew Grimditch25 April, 2009 21:56


    Seemed a bit low on comments today - so thought I'd try and cheer you up. Well done on doing this - it sounds a great trip. Hope the knee holds up. Blog is a good idea too - will read it from time to time. Will also leave a donation - sorry been meaning to do it.

    Andrew & Helen

  2. We've all just read the blog. Hope all is well.
    Fingers crossed for the knee.
    Martin & Elaine

  3. Richard

    Great to be able to follow your progress.....hope the udderly cream is doing its stuff!

    Glad to see that the old war wound isn't holding you back.