Monday, 20 April 2009

Monday - packing and physio...

If I squeeze stuff in hard enough I'm sure it will all fit in the panniers....... I treated myself to some chilli & lime mayonaise in Tesco which will accompany my lunches for the next three weeks. Also got pasta, some packet sauces and a tin of tuna - I'm not taking 3 weeks of food with me!

Good news on the knee front, I visited a sports physio in Stratford Today (Andrew Holbrook - highly recommended). He thought that there was no serious damage and probably just some inflamation on the bone that the ibuprofen has controlled. He had a good push and prod without me whincing too much, a bit of ultrasound and gave me some exercises. Recommended that I sat in the bar with some crushed ice every night - I think I'll make sure I do that.

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