Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Extra Day 6 pickies - can you see Rough and Tumble

Its is a VERY long way down...


  1. Hi Richard,
    Good to see that you getting on really well and we keep being amused by your blog. Hope the knee is holding up OK and that most importantly you are enjoying yourself.
    Best wishes from all at 6 of us in PD (at one in Exeter!).
    David davidsyoung@fsmail.net

  2. Patrick Taylor28 April, 2009 22:14

    I'm enjoying reading about your trip. Keep it up! Good luck with the knees and the weather. When do you expect to pass through the Wigan/Preston area? Best wishes, Patrick Taylor.

  3. Patrick Taylor28 April, 2009 22:29

    Okay... I see from your route map that you intend to pass through Leigh and Westhoughton in Lancashire. I'd be happy to meet you somewhere en-route in the Leigh area and accompany you for a few miles. Your route appears to take you past my father's house in Stapleton Avenue, Bolton. Fancy a quick cup of tea and a cake?

  4. When I clicked on "Where am I now?" I discovered you were in Copenhagen. A bit off course? Ahh! Whilst typing it has come up somewhere near Alveston.Hope the weather stays good and your bum's not too sore! Rupert.

  5. Richard,
    Here I am tied to a computer screen and ringing phone. I'm so jealous of you out on country roads and your ability to rise to the cycling challenge.
    Thanks for all you're doing through CORD to help people build peace.
    Richard Dickson