Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Day 6 - The Moore I see you....

Hearty breckie at the Admiral's Rest and headed onto The Somerset Levels - and they were. Glastonbury Tor was just visible as I headed into Cheddar, as was my mast from my 'old job'.

Couldn't go to Cheddar without getting a local cheddar and English tomato granary roll from Highnam's Dairy (highly recommended). Elma Floyd, respendent in mop cap was a real star and also donated £5 to the cause - 'The Kindness of Strangers.....'

With roll packed in the luggage it was sufficient incentive to climb the 900+ feet up/through Cheddar Gorge before stopping at the very top. Although long it wasn't as steep as I'd feared and anyway after 6 days 'I do hills'.

It was a classic lunch in a classic location - mendip limestone wall, stile to sit on, electric fence behind me.

Still no 'Welcome to Somerset' sign but my right foot is on Somerset tarmac and my left in Avon or Unitary Authority of Bristol or Bristol City or something equally bland.

I couldn't resist re-routing my journey across Clifton Bridge. I have never seen so many inept 'toll money throwers' in my life, whilst I was there no less than 10 drivers (25%) either missed or had to reverse as they didn't have 50p. Aparently before the barriers were installed it was two different prices, more if you wanted a ticket - looks like this fiddle has been around as long as Brunel.

Delighted to struggle up my last hill and get to Pete and Adele Moore's and the most wonderful fish mornay prepared 'without the use of a safety net' or was that a recipie by Tim. Washing in the machine, bike cleaned and oiled, Guinea Pigs happy, out the bath and cold beer in hand. Life is good.

Statsfor the day, Mileage 57.6, average speed 9.9mph, max speed 30mph, climbed 4573 feet.

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