Thursday, 30 April 2009

Shropshire and into Cheshire - near dog experience..

Before leaving Leominster in the rain I said my farewells to the lovely Debbie (YHA Manager) and 'Land's End 30 miles a day' Chris, although I'll probably see him at John O'Groats! (Chris was later seen at Fort William - well done mate!)

I always knew that an Englishman's home is his castle but I had no idea I had my very own castle and village. I do wonder if the omission of the apostrophie is significant?

One of the redeeming features of this morning's rain (O.K. Only redeeming feature), was the constant tailwind. I felt sorry for Yaniv cycling 100 miles a day south from Edinburgh - he'd been knocked off his bike yesterday and the offernding driver had brought him to the YHA.

Passed Ludlow and brought a paper. By the time I'd reached Wenlock Edge for an early lunch the rain started to subside and it had stopped when I re-crossed the River Severn near The Wrekin hill.

I soon encountered my first real 'Near Dog Experience' as I came around a corner the pooch was right in my path on a wet muddy road - lived to tell the tale- dog is also fine as I missed it.

So good to beat the black clouds to Peter and Julie's house just in time or a meal. Their guide dog puppy Arthur still lets off some hideous odours.

Good to be in a bed again.-

For those of you who want to vote on my route Options - dream on - it is hard enough doing the planned route let alone looking at options. As I have planned to avoid A roads I spend a lot of time on very minor roads and I have been 'off-road' almost every day. The GPS (Satmap) is totally invaluable and my Trek mountain bike with road tyres is a good compromise - you couldn't do this route on a road bike. If anyone does want to cycle with me for a bit then use the maps to workout where I'll be, I generally leave by 8.30 at an average speed (includng stops of 9mph)

Stats. Distance 76.1 miles, max 32.6 mph. .Moving time 6:13 mps. With a total of 4655 feet climbed

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