Friday, 24 April 2009

Don't Pay the Ferryman... ..

Bang on time l arrived in Falmouth and headed up to Pendennis Castle for lunch, taking the opportunity to put on shorts and T-shirt - hopefully not for the only time. I collected a couple of pebbles from the first sandy beach - they can't weigh much!

Was almost stopped within 3 miles of starting by a lorry totally wedged across the lane, fortunately the Devon and Cornwall Police were on hand and we lifted my bike over the hedge and l was on my way to the Helston Passage ferry. Nick (the ferryman in the title) waived the £6.50 as l riding for charity, well he said add £2 to the total and l got some shrapnel from the other passengers.

By the time l got to Lizard it was misty so the fog horn outside my window was honking. Anyway 'bagged' most southerly point, that was easy if only they were all only 20 miles apart . Large bowl of pasta and earlyish night. I'll need the earplugs tonight.

Stats for the dat 21.4 miles, 1,899 feet climbed., 1:43 h:m