Tuesday, 28 April 2009

GPSed Track "Bridgewater to Alveston"

View my new track "Bridgewater to Alveston" started in United Kingdom, England, Bridgwater.

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  1. Hi,Richard,

    You seem to be having a good time, much better than sitting at a computer screen pretending to look for a job - like me! So when it's raining, remember the alternative. Sorry Sarah could not help with the knee, I hope that Stratford physio clinic were able to help. Ibuprofen is THE wonder drug for us who like to do a bit more than our bodies really want us to.
    Ibuprofen and Duct tape - what else do you really need (perhaps a few pies and a beer)?

    Good photos - more of you and people you meet. Great blog, very professional.


  2. Keith Davenport28 April, 2009 12:33

    Hi Richard you will be turning rusty if the rain keps falling, watch out for thursday, best of luck.