Friday, 3 April 2009

Friday - all I went in for was to tighten my gear cable...

John Atkins cycles in L/Spa came up trumps again today. I'd been trying to get my gears working properly after they had serviced it a few weeks back and decided to take it into the experts. Sure enough not only did they sort out the gears but also told me my chain was worn out. This was the chain they changed 3 weeks ago, it was apparently the second one with a similar problem. The gave the mechanism a good clean, apparently the 'wet' lubricant is not ideal for the dry days in March and that combine with 150 miles on minor roads and towpaths had collected dust to form a gritty slime which needed to come off.

Anyway with a new chain, cleaned mechanics and a tube of 'dry' lube I am set. Also stocked up on 4 new inner tubes and patches, CO2 tyre inflator, rehydration mix and a new sey of gloves to replace my two right handed gloves I'm using at the moment. Just under 40 miles around L/Spa and Warwick coming home along the canal in the sunshine.

Also made a stock of small Don't Stop till Orkney 'business' cards to hand out..... good day.