Friday, 17 April 2009

Friday's shopping trip - fundraising update

On "friday"'s trip to Leamington I popped into Boots for some Comfrey cream - obtained from the roots of Comfrey plants (Symphytum officinale to give it it's Latin name) - apparenty the large Doc leaves you see in woodlands! I'll slap it on my knee after a bath and see how good it is! Read a very disheartening blog online about a super fit guy on a fixed wheel (no gears or free wheel) who gave up his end-to-end yesterday with sore knees - Um...... Mine seem Ok once I've been going a while - probably need to do some stretching / warm -up before I mount up in the morning.

More exciting than my knee (difficult to believe I know) is that the donations are now around £1,600 which is truly astounding and a huge thanks to everyone for their generosity.

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