Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Wednesday - D-Day -1

OK - so it all fitted in (just) and I think I'm ready for my deaprture in the morning. Off for a beer with the cyclists tonight but I think I drive - lets not tempt fate. Lana also customised my hi-vis vest to include the charity and web site details. I'll get a photo tomorrow.

Emailed all and sundry telling them that I'm off - lots of good luck messages and 36 people hitting this blog.


  1. good luck! Rupert and Jill.

  2. On yer bike!
    Well done Richard!
    Good luck and hope you dont get too many (or any!)blow outs(punctures).
    Actually, when I think about it.....this is just one huge pub crawl isn't it. How many pints can you buy for £2000? You know that online company Wiggle?..well you could start one called Wobble!

    Anyway, good on you. Will be checking in.
    Steve Turner (ex Kineton club straggler - could never keep up with you speed nutters)