Wednesday, 29 April 2009

GPSed Track "Alveston to Leominster"

View my new track "Alveston to Leominster" started in United Kingdom, England, Bristol.

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  1. Richard,
    Here I am tied to a computer screen and ringing phone. I'm so jealous of you out on country roads and also of your physical ability to rise to the cycling challenge. Thanks for all you're doing through CORD to help people build peace.

    Richard Dickson

  2. Hi again, Richard.
    Its wednesday so cycle to the pub time in Kineton. We'll have a pint for you - and probably put it on your tab.

    Keep enjoying the fine weather. The snow will have cleared from the Highlands by the time you get there, probably.

    Combrook Pete

  3. Richard, This looks like you´re having way too much fun, so tonight the Kineton B cycle team decided (in the pub) that we need to join in and make this more interactive. So here´s the deal: you can go the route you´ve planned (route A) or you can give us an alternative (route B) that we can vote on A or B, it´s that simple. It brings an element of surprise to your mornings ! Even more fun would be if we suggested alternative routes or points of interest to visit for bonus sponsorhip, of say 50p per deviation. You can chose which scheme? Chris H