Sunday, 19 April 2009

Sunday - the Iranian cycling connection .....

With the bike sorted and my knee recovering slowly (ibuprofen, comfrey and more ibuprofen) I only ventured out as far as the village for a paper this morning – no problems, so spent much of the rest of the day with my leg up reading it (the paper not my leg). Started to get all my gubbins together for Thursday – it is starting to look more than I thought I’d need.

A good send off from church this evening with a few more people threatening to edge my total over the £2,000 mark (have to raise the target again!) My hit counter now says 224 – of which about 10 were Lana (daughter) trying to up the total a bit. Digging through the ‘back-office’ stats I discovered that one visitor was registered in the Islamic Republic of Iran – if this is you please do add a comment as I’m dying to know who you are…… In fact anyone can add a comment now – I think I get to vet them before they go live – it will give me something to do while I have my leg up and have finished the paper…..

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